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What is a little doll
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"Doll" that cartoon dolls. The term originated in the 1970s in Hong Kong, Macao, the new vocabulary in the world of animation industry to flourish.
Dolls and other products from the United States, Japan and South Korea animated film, comic books, and online products derived character image and original cartoon animals, cartoon characters kind of product; doll toy concept is different from the traditional sense, dolls and more cultural connotations, richer story, richer concept of personality and personification. Therefore, adult dolls are loved more and like it.
Doll generally include: software (filling) dolls, hardware dolls, dolls and other types of flat doll.

1, software doll generally include: plush, playing cloth (Lycra) class, feather category, polar fleece, cotton type, leather (leather) etc. cloth stuffed doll.
Internal stuffing all kinds of fillings made doll with human and animal images, the English name (plush doll), also called soft toys (soft doll), filled with dolls (stuffed doll), of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao called soft-filled doll. Press materials are generally divided into the following categories:
1) plush categories:
A plush toy, plush fabrics which is mainly composed of textile fabrics and filling materials as the main cotton or synthetic sponge-like filling a doll, but also older and more common doll. Because by the material easy hair loss, bad cleaning, limiting deformation characteristics, resulting in fewer high-end brand in the Chinese market.
2) elastic cloth:
Is a look at a high elastic cloth (such as elastic nylon cloth, polyester fabrics, cotton lycra and so-called Laika Bu) and inside with food-grade snow grains (snowbeads) filled stitched together filled doll. Its lovely shape, bright colors, materials can be out clean and hairless, soft and comfortable, embracing feeling especially good. The earliest products from Japan and South Korea, playing cloth doll by the customer favorite, gives the impression that you want to take good care of pet comfortable as Sheepet (Shu pet) doll brand advocated by the "texture comfortable, pet enjoy music."
3) Down categories:
Its appearance is the use of fabric and down cotton jacket, duck down as filler cloth filled with dolls, unique. It has molluscs and stuffed with different categories, which features one: good thermal performance, air-conditioned room or in winter, holding down the doll is like holding a warm bag, whether it is cushioned, relying, gradually people feel warm, children, the elderly apply. Features two: silky fabrics and super soft jacket cotton and duck feather duvets makes dolls hold down jacket features let go after extrusion, feather doll will slowly swell restored to its original shape, without excessive finishing, adding the use of interesting. Features three: Down doll whose shape is generally sided body, doll face side, the other side to duck down filling slots, it is more suitable as a cushion.
4) fleece categories:
Fabrics fleece material, feel the gentle smooth, the internal filling of down cotton, PP cotton or microfiber cotton, styles can be colored with Scottish tartan or net. It is a very good sleep partner, super comfortable embrace a sense, also known as sleep hugged the body.
5) Cotton categories:
Fabric is 100% cotton fabrics, cotton filling inside, PP cotton or microfiber cotton. Styles, such as the pastoral style, exotic style, ethnic style, full of personality, fashion colorful. Plasticity, and can be extended for home furnishings, car decorations, doll ornaments, stationery, export casual bags, cloth slippers and other products.
6) leather (leather) categories:
PU leather is leather or fabric material, internal filling PP cotton or cotton or microfiber cotton and so on. Classical style, and feel more upscale. But the material cortex, difficult process complicated, so less market, some high-end leather doll usually international brands gifts.

2, hardware doll generally include: ceramics, plastic, vinyl and other hard non-filled class category doll.
The biggest difference between hardware and software doll doll, there is no filler material and the outer contact is hard, it is known as a hard body dolls,
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