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What are the benefits of plush toys
Release time:2015年12月16日   Release people:lwy
When choosing toys to take into account the child's age, personality and preferences, such as: four year old child select five or six children playing with toys, children can improve the ability to challenge new things. Good toys can promote the child's social skills, the ability to find things, learning to write and read, play a coordinating creative skills, hand and eye, stimulate children's imagination and so on. Do not select those "not seen in the play" toys, books and ball toys are toys can accompany children grow up, but also for children of all ages.
Benefits of playing with toys

Let the children play with a lot of advantages, mainly in the following aspects:

Language training: When children play, from time to time will be levied against toys, and toys "speak" like, do not underestimate this mode of communication, it gives the child the opportunity to use the language to express meaning. In this case, if the parents involved, play with children, not only can lead to him talk too much, you can also guide his words and presentation skills in the next, to strengthen his ability to use language to master.

Stimulate the senses development: toys encourage children to reach the world with the senses, such as stimulating their visual, auditory and tactile, to help them with a variety of senses body reaction to contact with the outside world and awareness of all things new. Some will sound, while others are designed with bright colors, can directly bring visual stimulation children. Different educational toys, are an effective tool to assist children understand the world.

Coordination body function: the child's hands and feet coordination, hand-eye coordination and other bodily functions, you need to train and gradually built up, toys are one of the best training tools. For example, the child will be a box of puzzle blocks graphics, in addition to the use of the mind, we should also function with the hand. So toys for children of muscle activity, the development of bodily functions, there is a great benefit.
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