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How to wash stuffed toys
Release time:2015年12月16日   Release people:lwy
1) dry-cleaning method:
Buy a pack of large pieces of salt that is coarse salt, coarse salt and the dirty plush toys together into a few large plastic bag, then put the bag fastened □ shake vigorously, you'll find plush toys become clean . Remove the coarse salt due to the adsorption of the dirt and become gray and black. Principle is to use the adsorption of sodium chloride salt that is dirt. Baking soda can also be used instead of coarse salt usage is the same. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and will sound plush toys can not be washed.
(2) washing method:
Small toys can first use the tape to be afraid to wear parts parts stained, soft wash directly into the washing machine, drying, hanging shade dry, and intermittent pat toy, make fur, filler fluffy and soft.
Large toys can be found to fill the seam, cut sutures, remove the filler (acrylic cotton), special parts can not take (better maintain the appearance), tape the fear of wear parts parts stained, put the toy epidermis Sophie into the washing machine washing, drying, hanging shade dry, and intermittent pat toy, make fur, filler fluffy and soft. Then the filler into the toy epidermis, integer, suture. Then gently down toward the plush teased with a comb.
Although it is impossible to make plush toys washed completely Hull, but much better than before after washed. In general, the better quality brand of plush toys and filler, the shape recovery after cleaning is also good. After poor quality plush clean variable type. If it is washed with water, then wash off the last time, you can add a little fabric softener in the final, so you can keep the plush soft, lint-free grains up!
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