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We follow firm ethical principles in all our management activities.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics aims to be a 'world leading company', devoting our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.

To achieve this goal, we share and pursue Samsung Values of "People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, Co-prosperity", and the 7 Factors of a World Leading Company of "Dream, Vision & Goal, Creativity & Challenge, Insight & Good Sense, Technology & Information, Trust &Credibility, Speed & Velocity, Change & Innovation" to be instilled in all employees and within the organization. Furthermore, all Samsung Electro-Mechanics employees should follow this "Global Code of Conduct" as well as the Samsung Business Principles in order to comply with laws and ethical practices as well as to express our concrete commitment to social responsibility.
This "Global Code of Conduct" will be the guiding standard for everyone in Samsung Electro-Mechanics, outlining standards of conduct in all business activities.

Principle 1. We comply with laws and ethical standards

1-1. We respect dignity and diversity of individuals
  • The Company will respect the basic human rights of all employees and will not discriminate against its officers, staff and other interested parties on the basis of race, nationality, gender, religion, regional background, physical disability, marital status, or any other characteristics protected by law.
  • The Company will not employ underage persons, as commonly defined by international standards and relevant national laws.
  • The Company will determine conditions of employment and compensation for personnel in a rational and just manner, taking into consideration relevant national, local or state laws, and international standards.
  • The Company will ensure that working hours of personnel will be in accordance with the specific nature of their duties and national laws and regulations, and no extended working hours will be enforced without mutual agreement.
  • The Company will endeavor to ensure that senior staff do not impose on junior staff any duties unrelated to Company affairs or duties that violate Company regulations and standard processes, or use any form of psychological or physical intimidation or coercion against employees in the performance of their regular duties.
1-2. We compete in accordance with laws and business ethics
  • The Company will compete freely and fairly at all its business sites around the world, abiding by national laws and regulations and relevant international standards governing the conduct of business.
  • The Company will not abuse a dominant market position nor use coercion to cause inclusion of unwanted items in any sales transactions (tying).
  • The Company will not enter with competitors into price fixing, bid collusion, market collusion or reduced production agreements, and will not discuss with competitors prices, bids, customers, sales territories and conditions including price confirmation.
  • The Company will not permit the giving or acceptance of money, goods, entertainment or any economic benefits to or from customers or external interested parties, nor allow any improper activities that violate laws and fair trade principles.
  • The Company shall refrain from illegally obtaining confidential information belonging to competitors.
  • The Company shall not demand, or use coercion to obtain any advantage detrimental to the interest of customer or partner companies.
1-3. We maintain transparency of accounts with accurate recording of transactions
  • The Company will accurately record and manage all transactions in compliance with international standards and national accounting regulations, and will be subject to accounting audits by outside parties at regular intervals.
  • The Company will make every effort to refrain from entering into a business relationship with customers of uncertain identity, and will not participate nor cooperate with illegal, false, or irregular transactions.
1-4. We do not get involved in politics and maintain neutrality
  • The Company will respect individual political rights and expression of opinion. However, it will not allow the conduct of political activities within the company that may be harmful to the organization.
  • The Company's resources, including financial resources, manpower, and facilities shall not be used for any political purpose.
  • The Company will refrain from illegal donations and improper dealings with governments, and will respect individual country's related laws and regulations.
1-5. We protect information on individuals and business partners
  • The Company will abide by the laws and regulations relating to protection of the privacy of its employees and confidential information, and each officer or employee of the Company shall acknowledge their primary responsibility for the protection of such information.
  • The Company will use information relating to individuals, corporate customers, or business partners obtained through normal business process, only for business purposes, and shall not disclose such information to third parties.

Principle 2. We maintain a clean organizational culture

2-1. We make a strict distinction between public and private affairs in our duties
  • The Company will not permit any illicit activity for the pursuit of personal gain , such as irregular treatment of expenses, using one's position for private gain, or the embezzlement of corporate assets.
  • The Company will not permit any activity that utilizes proprietary information of the Company for private gain, for example insider trading, irrespective of whether or not this activity was conducted directly by an employee or via third parties.
  • In cases of conflicts of interest between the Company and an individual, the Company's legitimate interest will be considered preferentially.
2-2. We protect and respect intellectual properties of the Company and others
  • The Company will endeavor to ensure that internal intellectual property and confidential information will not be disclosed to external parties by its employees without its prior permission and consent.
  • The Company will ensure that any proprietary information acquired through its business activities shall be recorded and safely kept and managed as intellectual property.
  • The Company will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, such as patents, copyrights and trademarks, and shall not intentionally infringe or improperly use such intellectual property.
  • The Company will ensure that due attention is paid to the security of its intellectual property during the course of telephone or other communication with external parties, and in the management of various data storage facilities.
2-3. We create a sound organizational atmosphere
  • The Company has zero tolerance for any type of behavior which may offend or cause unpleasantness to other employees, such as sexual harassment, physical assault or any personal request or action that would compromise or inconvenience another employee.
  • The Company recognizes its responsibility to provide a work place of equal opportunity to all employees, and will not permit the formation of any faction or private group within the Company that might endanger this commitment.
  • The Company will endeavor to maintain and develop a mutually cooperative relationship between management and employees, based on the principle of mutually beneficial existence and prosperity.
2-4. We maintain the dignity of Samsung Electro-Mechanics' in our external activities
  • During the term of employment at the Company, an employee is not permitted to simultaneously maintain employment with a third party or otherwise be engaged in outside business activities, unless otherwise agreed by prior consent.
  • The Company requires that all disclosures of company information at external lectures or interviews are subject to prior scrutiny and approval.
  • The Company will not allow its officers and employees, while in office, to act as members of boards of companies with conflicts of interest or participate in competitive business activities.

Principle 3. We respect customers, shareholders and employees

3-1. We put priority on customer satisfaction in management activities
  • The Company will endeavor to reflect and give priority to the requirements and recommendations of customers for the improvement of product design, distribution, and service.
  • The Company will make every effort to engage with its customers in a polite and equitable manner based on its belief that "Samsung Electro-Mechanics exists because of its customers".
  • The Company will respect the customer's right to choose by refraining from exaggerated advertisements or coercive sales techniques, which could mislead customers with regard to the quality, function and specifications of product or service.
  • The Company will endeavor to reach just resolutions of customer-related disputes and will respond to the complaints of customers in a transparent, timely and effective manner.
3-2. We pursue management focused on shareholder value
  • The Company will actively pursue increases in investment return for shareholders by maximizing profits through transparent and sound management.
  • The Company will honor its responsibility to shareholders and interested parties by announcing major financial and corporate information in good faith and in a timely fashion.
  • The Company will accept and sincerely consider legitimate petitions from external shareholders.
3-3. We endeavor to improve our employees' quality of life
  • The Company will offer equal opportunities to all employees and treat them justly based on their ability and achievement.
  • The Company will encourage continuous self-development of employees and actively support opportunities to improve their capabilities to execute their duties.
  • The Company will provide a working environment in which personal initiative and creativity are encouraged.

Principle 4. We care for the environment, health, and safety

4-1. We pursue environment friendly management
  • The Company will make every effort to comply with international environmental standards, national laws and regulations relating to the environment and internal environmental regulations within all of its global business operations.
  • The Company will actively attempt to minimize the generation of harmful materials, utilize resources efficiently and recycle waste products for the benefit of the environment.
  • The Company will do its best to conduct environmental improvement activities throughout the whole process of product development, production, distribution, sales and disposal.
4-2. We value the health and safety of human beings
  • The Company will comply with international standards, related laws and regulations, and internal regulations governing the safety and health of its employees by providing safety education and training at regular intervals.
  • The Company will give priority consideration to the health and safety of customers in all business activities including product development, production, distribution, and sales.
  • The Company will clearly inform customers regarding the safe usage and operation of its products or services.
  • The Company will endeavor to deal promptly with the discovery of any fault in a product, which could pose a threat to the safety of customers.
  • The Company will make every effort to identify and eliminate any safety hazard found at any of its business sites, and will maintain a clear and safe environment.

Principle 5. We are a socially responsible corporate citizen

5-1. We sincerely execute our basic responsibilities as a corporate citizen
  • The Company will endeavor to create stable employment and to faithfully fulfill its tax obligations.
  • The Company shall instill in its employees its belief that their behavior directly affects the overall image of the Company, and shall endeavor to maintain the good name of the Company by ensuring proper dress, courteous behavior and dignified use of language.
  • Employees are encouraged to endeavor to build trust within the local community by fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.
5-2. We respect the social and cultural values of local communities and practice co-existence
  • The Company will respect the laws, culture and values of the local communities in which it operates, and shall contribute to the improvement of the quality of life, of local residents.
  • The Company, as a global corporate citizen, will contribute to the spiritual enrichment of society by promoting and supporting public-interest activities such as academic advancement, art, culture and sports.
  • The Company will actively participate in social services such as volunteering activities and disaster relief.
5-3. We build up relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners
  • The Company will acknowledge its business partners as strategic partners based on mutual trust, and will pursue the shared value of customer satisfaction.
  • The Company will select business partners in accordance with business objectives by applying fair standards without discrimination.
  • The Company will make efforts to support the growth of business partners' competitiveness and development.
  • The Company will actively encourage business partners to fulfill their own social responsibilities with respect to safety within the workplace and the individual rights of their employees.

Cyber Audit

The Ethical Management Web Site and the Permanent Ethical Management Monitoring System represent Samsung Electro-Mechanics’s increasing efforts to combat corruption.
Korean and international stakeholders can access these systems at any time from anywhere around the world, and submit their reports on unethical conduct and also access information in multiple languages, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Thai. Samsung Electro-Mechanics is also always open to reports submitted via e-mail, post, and telephone.

Having received reports, Samsung Electro-Mechanics sets out to ascertain the facts, while keeping the identities of reporters strictly confidential. The company then orders the responsible departments to take proper corrective actions, informs the reporters of the results of investigations, and submits corrupt employees and executives to uncompromising discipline. Our Permanent Ethical Management Monitoring System also involves conducting risk analyses of various Samsung Electro-Mechanics business locations in and outside Korea in advance to detect and prevent early signs of risks. The system also prescribes improvements to process vulnerabilities identified, preventing corruption.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics not only provides thorough and proactive anticorruption education, but also enforces rigorous and uncompromising standards and rules with regard to cases of corruption reported.

Responsible executives and employees are subjected to disciplinary actions, and suppliers that have bribed or, otherwise, corrupted these executives and employees are also cut out of business or subjected to other actions intended to prevent recurrence.

Reporting Process

  • Report

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Web Site ·
    E-mail · Post · Telephone

  • Confirmation of Report Sent Back

    Back to the Reporter within 24 Hours of Receiving the Report

  • Investigation Launched

    Facts Ascertained : With Intermediate Feedback Relayed to the Reporter when Necessary

  • Investigation Result Announced

    Findings Announced and Corrective Actions Taken


Samsung Electro-Mechanics is committed to ethical management, with the goal of becoming a transparent and trustworthy organization.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics is open to all reports on the unethical conduct of its executives and employees.
These reports are handled on the condition of strict anonymity and confidentiality. Your honesty and courage will help us become more transparent and trustworthy.

Subjects of Reports

  • Receiving Bribery (Including Money and Valuables) from or
    being Treated by Buyers
  • Becoming Shareholders of Non-listed Business Partners/Suppliers or Granting the Favors of Buyers
  • Monetary Transaction with Buyers or Between Executives
    and Employees
  • Embezzling Public Funds, Stealing Corporate Assets,
    or Seeking Self-interest
  • Leaking Corporate Information or Outflowing Human Resources
  • Work Discipline-Related Matters (Executives and Employees Working Double Jobs, Illegal Gambling, etc.)
  • Other Matters that Violate the Principles of Ethical management

Submit Your Report by

Submit Your Report by table (E-mail, Fax, Tel, Adress)
E-mail audit.semco@samsung.com Fax +82-31-210-5390
Tel +82-31-210-3306 Address Auditing Team, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 150, Maeyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (16674)